Don’t Let AOL’s Email Upgrade Keep You

There are many business owners that have “AOL” and other (Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN) email addresses. I know why – they are free (except AOL), easy to set up, the businesses are used to using them and other reasons. However it is best for a business to have a business class email address. instead of ! Why? It looks more professional and gives a sense of longevity.
Would you rather give $5,000 to or – thank about it.
Internet Week writes that America Online Inc. plans to launch on Thursday an upgrade of its AOL Mail on the Web product for subscribers, a precursor to a free e-mail service the company plans to introduce later in the year.
AOL web mail, available to subscribers through its portal, has been upgraded with features based on technology from Mailblocks Inc., a web-based consumer e-mail service that AOL acquired in July, AOL officials said Wednesday.
The online service has been given a new look and design, taking the interface away from its roots in the AOL 9.0 client.
“We’ve totally changed the interface to make it easier to use and much faster,” Roy Ben-Yoseph, AOL director of e-mail products, said. “We’ve optimized it for the Web.”

While I’m glad AOL is upgrading its web mail email client, this is good for consumers, I hope the many businesses that have AOL addresses do not get even more relaxed and NOT get their own domain names.
Getting a domain name is EASY and getting it to work with your email is not very hard. You can visit or for more information.