Email and Data Storage Solutions from Sony

With executives going to jail for intentionally doing illegal things, it makes sense that you should be careful for accidently not obeying the law – especially in the area of technology.
Keeping data, within the requirements of the law is important and Sony Electronics is working with Intradyn, of Eagan, Minn., to further build exposure for a combined archiving and retrieval solution tailored to address demanding record retention requirements for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) such as brokerages, medical clinics and legal firms.
The all-in-one e-mail archiving system couples Intradyn’s ComplianceVault E-mail Archiving and Retrieval Appliance with Sony’s Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) automation technology, offering a cost-effective and plug-and-play solution for SMBs that need to tackle regulatory compliance.
“E-mail archiving is an integral piece of a comprehensive and sustainable strategy for regulatory compliance, corporate governance and risk management,” said Julie Rahal Marobella, senior research analyst, Information Management for Compliance at IDC. “While financial firms were among the first to recognize the need for proper e-mail archiving, the necessity for e-mail archives extends to all firms that use e-mail for internal and external business communication.”
In fact, SEC Rule 17a-4 mandates that brokerage and investment firms preserve various digital records for at least six years, including daily e-mail purchase and sale orders and transaction confirmations.