Email + Databases = POWERFUL Combination

The power of email is that it’s easy to use, comes right to you or from you and is where and how you probably do most of your business.
However, when dealing with a lot of information such as customer lists, event registration and other things where database is the best tool, not email. Imagine being able to blend the power of email and databases?
Parker Software’s Email2DB service offers an amazing solution – a tool that bridges that gap between e-mail and back-end databases, or email database integration.
There press release reads – Email2DB is a product designed for businesses that receive orders, payments or any other type of regular form-based information via e-mail. It parses the e-mail message and extracts field data, which is then used to update databases. Email2DB can also send custom e-mail responses, process attachments and update Outlook Contacts.
“As more and more companies and individuals are doing business online, Email2DB fulfills a real need of bridging the gap between e-mail and back-end databases and associated business processes,” said Stephen Parker, managing director of Parker Software.
“Any business that receive orders, payments or any sort of feedback form via e-mail will find Email2DB an invaluable tool. For instance, a business can receive an order via e-mail. Email2DB will read it, extract the data and update the accounting database. Then, it will send a customized confirmation e-mail to the customer, forward the order to the order processing department and print a report,” he said. “It also improves on secure electronic transactions because it allows databases to be updated away from the Web server.”
Email2DB can process e-mail messages from POP3 and IMAP servers and directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003 folders. The Email2DB server runs as a system service and does not interfere with the normal e-mail flow. Email2DB also includes a powerful scripting language, allowing businesses to create custom business processes that can be executed in response to e-mail messages.
Parker Software is providing e-commerce companies, large and small, with a 30-day free evaluation version of Email2DB. The evaluation software can be downloaded at