For SMB Marketers: Reaching SMBs via Event Marketing

I’ve asked Carson Tang of Carson Worldwide to make the case for moving beyond traditional advertising in reaching small business (or other) customers. Many of you already do event marketing but I’m sure you’ll learn something. There’s MANY reading this who do not do event marketing and I’m sure you can learn even more.
Market Domination through Experiential Event Marketing
By Carson Tang, President & CEO ? Carson Worldwide

Not many years ago within our lifetime you were able to advertise on any of the then big three networks and receive a huge marketing push. Today with over 500 cable and satellite channels, thousands of publications and news channels, and the global reach and access of the internet, communicating with your target audience just doesn?t seem as easy as it used to be.
Research and human studies have now identified very clear paths to reaching the public in ways unheard of while unleashing the secrets on how to penetrate the human psyche while effecting buying behavior. A recent consumer survey by I.D., London found:
1. 89% of consumers want to try before they buy
2. 73% of consumers know more about a brand after engaging an experiential campaign; and
3. 91% of consumers say an experiential campaign would encourage them to try a product they typically would not purchase.
Experiential event marketing and branding accelerates decision making and if conducted properly provides the comfort and feeling of risk reversal while stimulating word of mouth marketing. Some of the clients we have worked with including Nissan uses viral marketing as a integral part of their marketing mix to create exponential results. In working with Intel there is no doubt live face to face interactions with their target audience is important in their branding and positive publicity strategies. This is demonstrated when they easily parted with over $5 million dollars to be part of the America?s Smithsonian 125th Anniversary Tour. Intel?s long term commitment to the airport Pentium notebook reinforced the need to maintain brand supremacy while creating preference and awareness for Pentium technology whereas standard media placement was not enough.
Experiential event marketing has one of the most effective ROI?s of all marketing strategies. Here is some research by SRI., Oct 20-22, 2003:
1. 40% of Gen Y say they are influenced by experiential marketing;
2. 43% of all women say experiential marketing is the medium most likely to move them to purchase a product or service quickly; and
3. 29% of all men say they are influenced by experiential marketing.
CBS, Newsweek, Better Homes & Gardens, Modern Maturity, and Soap Opera Digest use event marketing in the form of value added programs. Our events created visibility for their advertisers, generated good will, pulled some merchandise through retail channels, and moved product while it increased incremental dollars for the lead sponsors offering placement to their advertisers. There is a multitude of ways event marketing can be applied either directly to your product or service or by offering a dove tail to your retailers, distributors, advertisers, etc. to offset the coast while increasing your return on investment and market leadership in your category. Event marketing programs are so in your face when produced professionally they create unequalled market presence and a perception of enormity and leadership.
Leadership is the single most important motivating factor in consumer behavior. Build your credibility, provide quality low risk trial, create positive media publicity, and solidify your credentials in building your brand and you will dominate the category. These strategies may be accomplished with a well thought out live experiential marketing program that immerses them and creates wow while achieving awareness, preference, recall and bottom line results.
Experiential event marketing rules over all other forms of communication when it comes to creating emotional linkage and stimulating human motivation. Carson Worldwide develops and produces nationwide initiatives to build brand leadership, create memorable exposure, generate trial, loyalty and conversion resulting in excitement, a compelling story and selling proposition for your organization, products and services. Recognize your fullest potential today.
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