Good-Bye (too many problems)

(photo credit – Christian Patterson)
With much fear I am slowing moving away from that I have used for years. I was going to use TypePad by SixApart, but there is not as tight an integration to as I would like. Therefore, about 2:30am this morning I finished installing SixApart’s MovableType, a program that is installed directly on one’s web server.
Why fear?

Well I’ve used for years and like it to some degree. It’s simple and does on thing well – post blogs. But over the past few days it has been running so slow or simply not working at all. The Blogger team is aware of these issues and trying to solve them as I type.
Now that Movable type is installed on my servers I must go through the slow process of setting up templates and other configuration options. My other concern is that there are some programming errors which are a PAIN to deal with. This is not the fault of SixApart per se but these are things one expects to go through when installing a new program (especially when one, like me, is not a programmer). I also have to then point the new blog to my Avantgo (mobile users) server
I have not yet completely moved from but am a lot closer to switching that I ever was before.
Maybe in the end this is good. Movable type has SO many options that does not have.