Adds New Database Functionality continues to offer its customers new features, again one of the great advantages of a hosted service – adding new features and getting them to customers is much easier than updating software.
announced the introduction of several new database enhancements designed to help businesses drive productivity. The new functionality is a direct result of customer feedback requesting more advanced features for managing and tracking key customers, contacts, and sales leads. Businesses can now log activities, schedule follow-up tasks, set reminders, send group e-mails, and centralize all contact information, all within the database.
“Database applications are often complex and require training or special expertise to fully leverage their features and functionality,” said Christine Bataille, Brand Director at “Our database application is unique because it offers robust capabilities in an easy-to-use format. In addition, because it is offered entirely online, businesses can benefit from the new features instantly, with no hardware or software to download or maintain.”
The new features include several additional database views as well as direct integration between the company’s current Task and Activity Log applications. By leveraging the enhanced feature set, businesses can immediately do the following:
* Seamlessly log activities and schedule follow-up tasks for key contacts, customers and sales leads
* Create highly organized views that are grouped by multiple columns, or use convenient preset views
* Send emails to multiple contacts right from a database
“We rely on’s database application to help us run our business every day,” said Ashley Barron, General Manager of COSEP Meeting and Events division. “We have meeting planners located throughout the country and the database keeps us all connected with the right information, regardless of where we are. The new features will allow us to better track tasks and activities associated with a customer or project. We look forward to taking full advantage of the new updates.”’s database contains eight ready-made templates that businesses can use in their current form or customize to match their individual needs. A business can even build an entirely new database from scratch. Currently, templates are available for customer relationship management, asset management, event registration, issue tracking, sales forecasting, time sheets, a knowledge base or an in/out board.
“We chose’s database over competing solutions because it is simple to use and available over the Web, allowing us to access it from anywhere in the world at anytime,” said Jeanne Heisler, President of Ronan Insurance, Inc, a full service insurance and financial services agency. “We use the database application to track internal communications throughout our firm and to maintain all human resources information. With this new functionality, we can oversee all of the latest activities and tasks associated with an employee or project.” offers a complete collaboration suite and currently serves 9,000 customers across 250,000 users worldwide. The company’s suite includes database management, document management, calendaring, web and audio conferencing, task management and many other customizable applications. All of the applications work seamlessly within an integrated browser environment to help any organization work more efficiently online.