Is Email Marketing Worth It?

Jennifer Shaheen of Technology Group writes Big businesses spend millions of dollars on branding their names, focusing on being everywhere and playing the odds that consumers will eventually notice their product or service when the time is right. As a small, but growing business, I do not have that luxury nor do I have the budget to accomplish that task. So I decided over 2 years ago to use the Internet to communicate and stay connected with my audience. I made a commitment to create an email newsletter in January of 2003 and oh… how it has grown. But now in 2005 with spam guards and blacklists more and more small businesses wonder if email marketing is worth it.
She continues The answer is simply YES!*
I added the * because there is more to it than just creating an email and sending it out once a month. You have to plan and target who your audience is and what they are really looking for.
Here are a few tips to help you get started