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I just found out about ITToolbox today and hope you check it out.
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Pennsylvania and Texas, ITtoolbox is a diversified IT media, services, and research company. ITtoolbox maintains a leading online knowledge network for the IT market, serving millions of IT and business professionals globally. ITtoolbox has been profitable since 1999 and has a client list that includes the world’s largest and most successful technology vendors.
Going online for IT information is getting to be a challenge as it’s so hard to find the information you really want in the clutter. IT Tool Box provides a breath of fresh air and useful content – it’s over 2 million members prove that.
ITToolBox today announced the release of ITtoolbox Ticker a desktop application that automatically scrolls the latest content from the IT front line to professionals who use that information to make decisions on the job.
“ITtoolbox Ticker combines content generated through collaborative decision making among IT professionals with a convenient delivery system that keeps professionals up to date while they work,” said George Krautzel, ITtoolbox president and co-founder. “Now, busy professionals can choose among a Web browser, e-mail, and this new proactive desktop application to receive experienced-based best practices and other content from the ITtoolbox network.”
By installing ITtoolbox Ticker, content posted to a user’s selected area of expertise is scrolled across their desktop in near real-time, ensuring they are aware of the latest occurrences from the front line. For example, an IT analyst tasked with implementing the newest version of SAP’s warehouse management system can receive the latest suggestions to his desktop from peers who are actively engaged with the same challenge.
Similarly, a project manager tasked with overseeing the implementation of a Cognos reporting system can receive the latest project planning advice and BI implementation white papers as they are posted to the ITtoolbox network.
“I use ITtoolbox Ticker to keep up on white papers and case studies related to my specific fields,” remarks Chris Grossmeier, IT consultant and ITtoolbox member, “It allows me to keep up with the releases when I am too busy to log into the site to see what is new.”
ITtoolbox continues to introduce innovative methods to facilitate collaboration among its users, generating highly valuable and actionable information. ITtoolbox Ticker is available for download at