Looking for a Good Computer Technician?

Finding a competent and qualified computer repair technician need not be a matter of chance. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has taken much of
the guesswork out of this decision through its CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC) and CompTIA ASC Gold programs.
“The CompTIA ASC and CompTIA ASC Gold programs provide validation that a service center has achieved an industry recognized level of competence,” said Richard Rysiewicz, vice president, services, CompTIA. “It is a strong indication that the business owner and employees take pride in their work and are interested in advancing the quality of their operations.”
Having a CompTIA certification is a PLUS but by no means that if a technician does NOT have a CompTIA or other certificate you should not use them. In all cases, get references and start on small projects. The good technicians will rise to the top of your list, while the ones that are no good will become more visible to you. A good technician will often be able to recommend other good technicians/consultants to you as well.
To qualify as a CompTIA ASC, at least 50 percent of the service center’s technicians must hold CompTIA A+ certification. This vendor-neutral certification is recognized internationally as a credential that validates the knowledge of computer service technicians on a broad range of hardware and software technologies.
CompTIA ASC Gold centers must meet even more stringent requirements – a minimum of 75 percent of technical staff with CompTIA A+ certification; and at least 50 percent of technical staff with at least one of six other CompTIA certifications in server technology, security, networking, Linux systems, integrated home networks, or project management.
“As with many professions, computer technicians often specialize in particular areas,” Rysiewicz noted. “Managers at many CompTIA ASC Gold locations will work with their customers to find the technician certified and skilled in the area most appropriate for their service issue.”
CompTIA certification programs are the recognized industry standards for a broad range of IT skills. The association currently offers 11 vendor-neutral certifications in personal computer service, networking, document imaging, Internet, personal computer server technologies, Linux, project management, technical training, e-business, security, and integrated home networks. These certifications validate an IT professional’s technical expertise. Approximately 700,000 IT
professionals worldwide hold CompTIA certifications.
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