Managed Telephone Service – What Is It?

Your traditional telephone company is on the RUN. If they are not FIGHTING for YOUR business but treating you like you owe them a favor for being a customer, print this article and watch them cry.
I was speaking with New York based M5 Networks about their outsourced ip phone system. In our conversation, I referred to their service as “voice over the Internet Protocol” or VOIP. The M5 representative politely stopped me and explained, “we don’t call it VOIP, it’s an outsourced IP phone system“.
What’s the difference?
Traditional VOIP services like Vonage and 8×8 are for those who are not looking to replace their phone system but simply want to save money for their home or very small office by placing calls via the Internet. For those who already have DSL or Cable it makes sense to save money by using VOIP.
Growing businesses looking to replace their existing, often PBX phone system should consider an outsourced (or manged) IP phone system. A outsourced IP phone system enables a company with branch offices (be the branch in a brick and mortar building or in a home office) to dial a 4 digit phone number to reach colleagues, anywhere in the world – incurring no long distance charges. Using a traditional PBX phone service, provided by your telephone company, limits your flexibility (will you need 20 new phone lines next week? are you opening up 3 satellite offices tomorrow?). If you need to add new lines, a outsourced ip phone system provider can provision your service much faster than your local telephone company can. With an outsourced or manged telephone service you save money and have complete flexibility in managing your telecommunications needs.
Maybe you don’t need flexibility and will never have branch offices. You might want to consider another New York company, Eureka Networks which maintains a network of over 400 pre-wired and interconnected commercial sites in the New York City Metro Area and offers businesses a wide range of services including local and long distance voice services, high-speed Internet access, Voice-over IP, and e-mail and voicemail.
In addition to telephony Eureka Networks provides managed network services (backup, security and other network management services) and audio/web conferencing in one bill.
Here’s a look at a few companies that have outsourced their telephone service to M5 Networks and the results they achieved:
Office Suite Group (OSG) was founded in 1999 by a group of New York’s leading commercial real-estate firms. With 160 office suites located in Manhattan’s central business districts and over 500 clients, OSG seeks to create the region’s leading network of high-quality executive office suites. When OSG recently grew from two locations to four, they needed a better solution than the existing Lucent/Avaya and Nortel phone systems deployed in their original locations.
The high tenant turnover, characteristic of office suite firms, made those traditional, premise-based phone systems too costly and restrictive to install and maintain in the new locations. Connectivity Services, Inc., OSG’s telecommunications consultant, introduced M5’s Outsourced IP Phone System. Outsourcing the phone system would reduce the $200,000 cost associated with purchasing their own telecom equipment. OSG found the ability to offer the phone system to tenants through M5’s subtenant package compelling. Outsourcing would not only allow OSG to pass along cost-savings to tenants, it also would enable them to offer a state-of-the-art, highly customizable phone system to meet each tenant’s specific requirements.
A managed or outsourced telephone system provides the flexibility that a traditional PBX service can’t provide)
By using a managed telephone system, OSG’s tenants receive their own auto-attendant, unique phone number, private voicemail for individual users, 411 listing, outbound caller ID and other benefits, such as training and move coordination. M5’s customized rebilling tool also allows OSG to determine how much to bill each tenant. Using M5’s subtenant package has been an important differentiator for OSG in competing in New York’s market for executive office suites.
Let’s look at another example
With offices in New York and London, Fredericks Michael & Co. is a boutique mergers and acquisitions firm focusing on cross-border transactions. When the company decided to relocate their Wall Street location, they sought to replace an existing Toshiba key system that had finally reached its capacity. Poised for growth, Fredericks Michael needed an easily scalable solution that could accommodate future expansion, streamline communications between their two offices, and provide on-the-road service for traveling executives. Having previously experienced a loss of phone service for almost two months, business continuity and disaster recovery were also in the minds of the decision-makers as they researched phone system options.
Fredericks Michael’s solution was to use a outsourced ip phone system. After completing the installation they placed two phones in their London office, allowing them to use four-digit dialing between locations and save on international calling. In addition, Mobile executives can use their M5 phones in any location with broadband Internet access.
M5’s Outsourced IP Phone System allows Fredericks Michael to easily add as many additional users as they need, and they appreciate that most service requests are handled the same day,often – without someone visiting their office. In addition to money saved on international calls, Fredericks Michael saves an average of 40% on their total monthly telecommunications costs.