The Microsoft Advantage: Example MCI

Being the biggest guy in the room means that everyone sees your faults and your success. Microsoft is the villain of many companies, countries and people but is also a friend and critical business asset.
Since it’s software is so integrated into the core fabric of our business infrastructure it growing array of partners is a benefit to YOUR business as in many cases your service providers have relationships with Microsoft that will make your technology initiatives go smoother.
MCI, Inc. announced it is working with Microsoft to develop, support and deploy new IP-based technology solutions for customers. Under terms of this strategic relationship, MCI will leverage its advanced network solutions with the software and application technologies of Microsoft.
“Together, MCI and Microsoft are making converged applications a reality for our customers,” said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president of MCI Product Management. “By bridging MCI’s advanced IP networking strengths with Microsoft’s industry-leading software, we are making the transition to convergence logical, simple and useful for end users. Our customers will see immediate benefit from the next generation of MCI Net Conferencing, powered by Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and ongoing benefits as the two companies continue their development work together.”
In May 2004, Microsoft and MCI established a relationship as preferred communication and collaboration partners. As part of this evolving relationship, the two companies are committed to working on a variety of projects including the co-development of new conferencing services and the expansion of both organizations’ collaborative communication capabilities. The two companies are dedicating resources to the development of innovative technology solutions based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), including presence-based VoIP applications, shared communications and secure instant messaging solutions that will enable business customers to collaborate and communicate in real time.
By incorporating Microsoft applications with MCI’s IP capabilities, customers will benefit from an integrated communications solution that allows for voice, video and document sharing capabilities. With a simple click of the mouse, businesses can easily connect to co-workers, partners and customers via email, phone, web conferencing or instant messaging, utilizing a secure portal and IP transport.