Microsoft Hopes You Evolve

Maybe I’m a bit late, but I was just reading the latest issue of the great Fast Company Magazine and one of the first advertisements was one to get users to upgrade to Microsoft 2003 or XP – the latest versions of Microsoft Office. This is not the adv I saw but one like it.

There’s so many users that use Office 97 because it provides everything they need. Sure, there’s so much more that could be done with the new version of MSO – but most users use their Office suite for a certain set of tasks such as writing letters, email, a few presentations and databases.
Power users and companies that know how to MAXIMIZE their use of MSO (especially the integration features) will and have upgraded (well some) their copies of MSO. But for most of us, if the old stuff still works – why upgrade?
Microsoft has a VERY neat web site here showing users WHY they should upgrade to a newer version of MS0. Unfortunately it didn’t work on FireFox. It did work on Internet Explorer.

Blog commentator and media whiz Steve Rubel has a few tips for Microsoft and thinks it could have done better with its print advertising campaign. I agree but think Microsoft should simply ADD to the print campaign and use Steve’s suggestions.