NetSuite – Going Vertical With Services

NetSuite continues its race to provide a wide range of services to professionals. It’s newest release is a service specifically designed for service industries.
As you are looking for software to power your business, you’ve got to decide if you want an online/hosted service or software/server application that runs in your office. There are pros and cons to both options. The advantage of online services is that there is NOTHING to install. Whoever has access to a web browser has access to the service – no client side installation. Upgrades, like the one NetSuite is announcing require nothing more than logging on (and paying additional fees).
NetSuite’s, service-specific features consist of service item management, project/job tracking, client self-service center, advanced activity and time tracking, and document management, in addition to traditional CRM functionality including marketing campaign management, client support and opportunity management.
NetSuite, Inc. also announced today that a number of services-based companies have switched from to NetSuite. Some of the companies that have switched include, Applicant Insight, GuildQuality and AD Systems. NetSuite offers a migration program for companies that want to standardize on NetSuite from