NY Times on Jigsaw.com – cold call reduction

I wrote about Jigsaw.com’s “contacts for sale” business some weeks ago. The NY Times has a good overview of how it works as and writes:

The idea of circumventing the drudgery of finding potential clients helped inspire Mr. Fowler and several colleagues to start Jigsaw Data. The company, based in San Mateo, Calif., is a marketplace of business contacts that are all contributed by and, perhaps more important, vetted by the members. Jigsaw then provides the online organizing infrastructure.
“The power of Jigsaw is that we have thousands of people that collect and maintain the data,” Mr. Fowler said. “It’s the concept of many people all bringing small pieces of the puzzle, and we assemble them for the benefit of the community.”
Each contact, the company has decided, is valued at one dollar of its membership fee. Every month, the service’s members pay $25 for access to 25 contacts or, alternatively, the member can contribute 25 contacts. Other members can challenge a contact if they believe it to be invalid, but if the contact lasts 30 days without a successful challenge, the originating member is granted another contact from the pool.