Pay-Per-Phone-Call vs Pay-Per-Click

As a technology writer I hear about a LOT of technology solutions. But recently I got an email from Ingenio about their “Pay-Per-Phone-Call” (PPPC) solution.
With Google and formerly Overture’s “pay-per-click” advertising solutions you pay every time someone clicks on your text advertisement. With PPPC you pay ONLY when someone calls you!
How does Ingenio do it? Well each time your advertisement is displayed a UNIQUE toll-free number is displayed. When that number is called – then you are charged for the call. Cost – you bid for the product category (not keyword).
Pay Per Call can help grow your business by driving phone leads directly from the Internet?whether or not you have a website. Phone leads are a proven way to build customer relationships and open and close sales. On a more practical level, Pay Per Call enables online consumers to find your business via advertisements that appear in search results on search engines and directories. As a Pay Per Call advertiser, consumers contact you at the phone number and times that you specify.
Coming soon, your Ingenio Pay Per Call ads will appear across the Ingenio Advertising Network which includes AOL and other leading sites. As part of an exclusive beta release, you are invited to test drive this exciting new advertising service without any upfront charges to create your ads. While we are ramping up for the official launch in early 2005, the number of phone calls you receive will be limited.