Putting a Human Face and Voice On Your Web Site

There’s so many ways to get one’s attention online – streaming video, sounds, blinking graphics and etc. But nothing gets someone’s attention more than a “talking head”. Someone actually talking to you.
OddCast makes animated avatars or SitePals that one can place in a web site. These talking heads add LIFE to a web site and definitely grab attention. I’ve recently put one of OddCast’s avators on smallbiztechnology.com
They can be used to great and/or to high-light a particular offering. I’ve used my aviator for a combination of things. You can go beyond just a talking head and use it to ask questions and more.
As online businesses struggle to find ways to engage their audiences, OddCast’s SitePals offer an ATTENTION GRABBING but professional and economical solution.
OddCast has several options in its Vhost line of products including:
VHost Studio™ – Professional level authoring for character-driven web content.
VHost Workshop™ – Enabling consumers to create and communicate through conversational characters.
VHost Enterprise™ – Enterprise level extensible authoring, content management and tracking for character-driven web content.
VHost AIMC™ – Professional level AIML management and authoring tool. An extension to the VHost Studio™ and VHost Enterprise™ products.
VHost SitePal™ – Entry level authoring for placing speaking characters on HTML web pages.
VHost e-Learning Suite™ – Enterprise level rapid e-Learning development suite.
VHost FAQ Maker™ – Professional level character-driven FAQ authoring tool.
VHost Simulation Maker™ – Professional level authoring of role-play driven content.
VHost Quiz Maker™ – Professional level authoring for multiple choice quizzes delivered by conversational characters.
VHost Analyzer™ – Is a question and answer interface that provides analysis of users’ input and recommends products and services through custom responses and a call for action.