RFID World Conference Research Report

The largest RFID show has grown from the few faithful true believers only three years ago, to a meeting that sold out the venue at the Gaylord Texan. Next year’s show will be probably be larger, but the 2005 event highlighted the maturation of the industry.
According to John Volpi, Incuocmm CTO, “Some of the technology has matured very quickly, and we saw impressive products. But, some new entrants to the market are unproven, and the new EPC Gen 2 tags are not yet commercially available. So, on balance, RFID is a marketplace where a buyer needs to get references from other customers, and be skeptical of plug and play claims. Like other systems based on radio, new entrants who assume it works like an Ethernet will provide disappointing results. We found a few providers with practical products, and impressive customers, but we found more companies with vapor products weak practical grasp of the space.”
The report covers both firms at the show, and firms which did not attend, perhaps signaling a plan for some to abandon their RFID ambitions. More than thirty firms are discussed in the 9-page report, which covers a range of RFID market segments.
Incucomm has published a number of RFID research reports over the past three years for private clients, and for the public. “Last year our offer of free research for a short period was very popular,” said Matthew Bowers, Incucomm’s Chief Development Officer. “We wanted to make that offer again in 2005.”
The report can be downloaded after completing a brief research survey, at http://www.incucomm.com/survey001.htm
The report provides highlights of the sessions of the conference, and provides information of interest to investors, RFID technologists, RFID vendors, RFID users, and firms interested in implementing RFID systems.