Scanning To Your Network Freeing Your PC

Traditional scanning requires that your scanner is connected to a dedicated computer. This means you are wasting the resources of a computer or you’ve got to disturb someone to use their computer if the scanner is connected to it.

Silex technology america, Inc. announced it will begin a corporate initiative to provide workgroup scanner manufacturers and users with the silex SX-5000U2 USB 2.0 Hi-speed device server giving the capability to affordably connect nearly all USB scanners directly to a network. The move allows businesses of all sizes to maximize productivity and eliminate costs by conveniently adding a scanner to the network instead of requiring a dedicated personal computer.
Saving and storing documents for long periods of time is a growing trend. As a result, companies are scanning documents more than ever before-business papers, contracts, legal briefs, graphics, and even photos. The ability to share a scanner among many users increases productivity and lowers overall costs associated with IT management and equipment. Scanners are also becoming simpler to use, which increases the volume of document scanning and allows small to medium businesses to follow the trend of large corporations without purchasing large and expensive scanning equipment.
The silex SX-5000U2 is a simple-to-use, four-port USB device server utilizing USB 2.0 Hi-speed for fast performance. It connects directly to a 10/100 Ethernet network. Up to four scanners, or other USB devices, can be connected directly to the SX-5000U2 for use by everyone on the network. With an added USB hub, up to nine devices can be connected.