Security: It’s not About Bytes and Bits

There’s only so much security a secure network or computer system can give you. Cnet writes Many companies invest heavily in technologies to protect their networks, but Mitnick was quick to point out that even the tightest technological barriers never stopped him. Rather, some carefully planned social engineering–or even a bit of dumpster diving in one’s spare time–can often be far more effective at penetrating the weakest security link at most companies: their people.
Companies must understand that before they invest in the latest and greatest security solutions it is MORE important to ensure that they have honest and trustworthy employees.
Super hacker, Kevin Mitnick, explains in his book, “The Art of Deception : Controlling the Human Element of Security” that while part of breaking into computer systems is “technical” the other part is simply being nice to people and getting them to give up information that either by itself or pieced together could assist with a security break in.