So Many Blogging Tools – Which One For Your Business?

There are so many blogging tools cropping up – which one should you use?
I’ve been using for years. It’s simple no frills but often times (a few times per year) is slow or down. is full of easy to use features and GREAT support but you cannot easily integrate your Typepad content with your own web site like you can with
Microsoft recently created it’s own blogging tool and Bubbler released a blogging service a few weeks ago.
There’s so many choices. Here’s what to look for in a good blogging service for your BUSINESS. For me, I don’t want people to have to go to or some other domain name. I want them to go to a blog with my own domain name. If a blogging service offers you this and few do, that’s a good start. SixApart makes TypePad but also makes Movable Type which is a blogging service you can host on your own web site and provides FULL integration into your own web site. I’ve recently installed this tool as well.
In any case, start small and then if your blog takes off, go from there.
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