Take An Email Security Quiz

No doubt about it, e-mail is the most widely used computer application. Unfortunately, security isn’t a byproduct of popularity.
Take a quiz from SearchSecurity.com to find out where you stand when it comes to securing your organization’s e-mail application. Click on the link to find the answer within the term’s definition.
Some of the questions are:
1. What is a secure method of sending e-mail that uses the RSA encryption system?
2. What is e-mail that has been directed to a recipient through a third-party server that does not identify the originator of the message?
3. What do you call a program used to detect unsolicited and unwanted e-mail and prevents those messages from getting to a user’s inbox?
4. What is the name for Microsoft’s proposed e-mail sender authentication protocol designed to protect against domain spoofing and phishing exploits?
5. What document must end-users agree to follow in order to be provided with access to a network and its applications, including e-mail?