Think Your Secure: Have a Hacker Test You

After you’ve implemented security in your company that best way to test it and see what the weak point is, is to have a hacker poke holes in it.
The Washington Post writes In the early afternoon in Severna Park, Ira Winkler sits on his couch, casually moving one hand across the mouse pad of his laptop computer. His three boys come and go, and his puppy, Bandit, plays underfoot. Within 30 minutes, Winkler has gathered identities and home addresses of employees at the company he is attacking. He knows the names of the servers holding the corporation’s precious data and he knows which systems are vulnerable.
All that’s left is the invasion, firing away and exposing every crack and crevice of the company’s system, documenting the moves each step of the way and presenting the firm with a detailed report of its security failures.

There are companies that are “hackers for hire” – you hire them to hack your company and find the vulnerabilities. This vulnerability test will help with a few things:
1. You can ensure the company you hired to implement digital security in your company is doing a good job
2. It will keep them and your internal IT staff on their toes – no one wants to get hacked and be shown that they are lax on the job
3. Hiring a hacker will help you find holes before real hackers find them.
Check out Spies Among Us by Ira Winkler