What Security Score Does Your PC Get?

PIVX Solutions, Inc., an expert in next generation host-based intrusion prevention software for the Windows security market, is set to launch a new security scanning tool, similar to a consumer credit report, but checking your PC security score, called Pre>View.
Pre>View will give you details about how secure your PC is. It will then offer you suggestions on how to improve your security solutions. It will be for individual PCs. The service will be a free download from the PIVX.com site when it is officially launched in a few weeks.
Pre>View is the first security application that lets you see the relative security of your Windows computer against known threats in the wild. By looking at four critical elements in a layered security approach, PIVX is able to generate a Security Score. This score is based on the core system security configurations, installed commercial security software, installed security patches and how effective your firewall protection is configured.
Pre>View is similar to a credit score. The product looks at all of the core risk areas on your computer, compares that against known threats and assigns a risk score to each area. You are able to get an overall picture of your computer’s security health, and drill down into what you can do to improve your security score. All from easy to understand sections that clearly lay out where you stand.