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Intellisync Now Pushes Virtually Any Enterprise Application Data to Smartphones, PDAs and Laptops
Intellisync Corporation (NASDAQ:SYNC) , a developer and marketer of wireless software for the worldwide mobile communications industry, today announced that its Intellisync(R) Mobile Suite(TM) software enables real-time push access to multiple enterprise applications on a mobile device. Previously, the only way to push enterprise applications to mobile devices was to replicate each database to create a small, device-style presentation format, or to custom-build a system integration or client-based software program to handle data from multiple data stores behind the firewall. Intellisync now offers an alternative that delivers faster, more flexible access to virtually any enterprise application data from mobile devices.
Intellisync’s press release reads: Intellisync Mobile Suite’s new capabilities provide breakthrough synchronization technology for the wireless software market. The product’s benefits include the ability to:
— Slash the cost and time required for mobile deployments by directly connecting to enterprise applications. Intellisync Mobile Suite’s advanced connector architecture permits rapid, direct integration with enterprise information sources, including leading databases, CRM and ERP solutions, as well as custom applications and data such as XML and Web services. Mobile Suite can manage any combination of data for the same mobile application, eliminating the need for redundant data integration typically required in mobile deployments.
— Manage mobile access to critical enterprise data when you want, how you want. Mobile Suite includes highly flexible information-distribution options to optimize the delivery of information based on the specific needs of mobile workers, whether they’re connected or disconnected. For example, updates requiring immediate action can be delivered in real-time, triggered by monitored events, while lower-priority information can be scheduled for off-peak times. Intellisync Mobile Suite provides the utmost flexibility for managing data flow and network loads.
— Push apps to virtually any mobile device, including Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, handhelds based on the Pocket PC and Palm operating systems, as well as laptop and tablet PCs. Intellisync offers one of the industry’s broadest stables of device support, and is one of the few mobile vendors that supports both smartphones and laptops. Mobile Suite offers the comprehensive infrastructure required by the mobile enterprise, eliminating the need for narrowly focused “point solutions.”
By installing Intellisync Mobile Suite to mobilize enterprise applications, organizations can provide a wide range of advantages to mobile employees. Benefits include increased productivity, improved customer interaction, timely data capture and delivery, increased transactional integrity, reduced paper handling, lower costs and greater operational efficiency.
“In increasing numbers, enterprises are now looking beyond wireless email to capture the full benefits that mobility can deliver,” explained Eugene Signorini of Yankee Group, a leading provider of global IT research and advice. “Solutions that have the ability to mobilize enterprise applications represent the ‘next frontier’ in mobility, with the potential of driving high business value due to the mission-critical data they deliver for essential applications such as salesforce automation and field service. With the new, real-time push capabilities of the latest version of its Intellisync Mobile Suite software, Intellisync is doing for enterprise applications what RIM did for wireless email.”
“As a global provider of service management software, it is essential that we offer our customers the ability to easily extend our applications to mobile employees,” said Ken Roy, vice president of sales for Astea International. “Intellisync’s mobility technology plays a huge role in enabling this capability for our Service Alliance and Sales Alliance products. We are particularly interested in leveraging the new event-driven, push capabilities of Intellisync Mobile Suite to provide mobile workers with real-time access to Astea products. We expect that this capability will add value to our product offerings and enable our customers to derive significant ROI relatively quickly.”
The new capabilities of Intellisync Mobile Suite provide a distinct advantage over offerings from both database and application “point solution” vendors.
Intellisync Mobile Suite beats database vendor solutions because it:
— Supports many applications and data sources, not just one, reducing development, deployment and ongoing support costs.
— Supports heterogeneous databases on the back-end and on devices, while database vendors are typically limited to their own products.
— Eliminates the need for costly, repeated development to connect to multiple data sources or multiple device platforms.
— Provides faster, more efficient sync performance, lightening the load on enterprise networks and reducing the need for additional hardware purchases.
— Utilizes business logic, avoiding expensive coding that slows deployment and use.
— Is optimized for managing synchronization in the mobile environment.
Intellisync Mobile Suite is superior to point solutions because it:
— Provides complete infrastructure for many applications and data, not just one, eliminating software licensing fees and support costs.
— Delivers better TCO (total cost of ownership) over time, representing a more attractive enterprise investment.
— Offers superior data syncing capabilities and flexibility, including push of data.
— Provides more complete mobility features, including support for a wide range of devices — from laptops and tablets to Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices.
— Is highly scalable — able to support tens of thousands of users.
“From a technical perspective, we believe what we have done with Intellisync Mobile Suite is remarkable,” said Bill Jones, Intellisync’s vice president of product management. “The software behind Mobile Suite is extremely complex, but the value to the enterprise is simple. Our customers now have a single source for extending virtually any enterprise application data — databases, CRM, SFA, ERP, custom data and Web-based content — to mobile devices. IT managers used to have to build a private, limited-access road from each data source to the device. We’ve just put in a high-speed, secure freeway that pushes application data to the device – door-to-door, non-stop, in real-time. We believe the ability to receive this mission-critical information in real-time, on an event-driven basis, or via other options makes this product ideal for our customers’ highest-value mobile applications.”
For more information on Intellisync Mobile Suite, please visit www.intellisync.com