Yahoo Opens up to Developers – more to come.

Developers are vital in the growth of online services. Now that online services such as Yahoo, and others are reaching consumers and businesses directly, they need to build a wider market for their services by working with developers as Microsoft and Intuit and many others have done.
You will see more software vendors (or online services) creating their core products and working with developers to add increased functionality to it.
Internet News writes The launch of the Yahoo! Search Developer Network is a first step on expanding the ranks of developers building applications that take advantage of Yahoo’s technology and services. The network will evolve into a one-stop resource that provides developers with access to Web service application programming interfaces (APIs) for Yahoo Search and Overture, Yahoo’s pay-per-click advertising subsidiary.
“We’re beginning to make life simpler for developers,” said Eckart Walther, senior director of product management for Yahoo Search.
The Yahoo Search Developer Network offers mailing lists and discussion groups, an application showcase, a Weblog, and a wiki (define) so that developers can ask questions and share information. The site provides sample code for the most popular Web application development languages including Java, java-script, Perl, Python and PHP.
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