Your Data: Integrating or Disintegrating

As companies merge and are forced to deal with information silos, software to quickly, efficiently and economically integrate their data is vital.
Companies that are NOT merging, find that departments need to consider how to best integrate their data for maximum effectiveness.
InformwationWeek’s Rick Witing and Charles Babcock writes The problem most companies have today is that information is in multiple data stores that all have incompatible interfaces, Jeff Jones, strategy director for IBM’s information-management software division says. “You can’t ask one question and get one answer back. You have to ask a series of questions, each one to a different system, then piece the results together,” he says. “That’s not good enough.” Combining Ascential tools and WebSphere Information Integrator will go a long way toward resolving such problems, he says.
The best way to ensure your data is integrated is from the START of the data creation see what existing data their issues and work with your technical department so that the NEW data is 100% compatible with the existing data and formats.