Archive of April 2005

Cnet Editor Blasts Tech Vendor Embargos

CNet’s Senior Editor, Molly Wood blasts tech vendors for holding on to the “old” strategy of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). In the past, but increasingly less, NDAs were used to ensure that news was announced on a particular day, to ensure the most media buzz and information release control. However, Molly rightly advocates that in […]

Verizon’s Dilemma – To WiFi or Not

For several months Verizon has offered free WiFi service for subscribers to its DSL service. In an effort to move customers into its more profitable high speed cellular service ($80 per month) Verizon will phase out the free WiFi offering, reports the Washington Post. The Washington Post writes The realization that phone booths might serve […]

Laplink Updates It’s Remote Access Web Service

Laplink Everywhere competes with GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, which let you access a remote PC via a web browser – no software needed. Laplink says Unlike ordinary web-based remote control applications, Laplink Everywhere 4 gives you the option of selecting a remote access interface that gives you streamlined access to your files, email, calendar, contacts, notes, […]

Should You Update Software?

Often times Adobe Acrobat Reader and other programs will inform you that you should update your software. A NY Times readers asks “Should I?”. The NY Times Circuit section writes Updating this sort of software usually isn’t mandatory right away, but it can eventually become necessary when a company makes adjustments to its file formats […]

Corel WordPerfect’s Small Business Edition

It’s a tough battle for anyone creating a word processor, but Corel continues to push out steller products. This one is focused dead center on the SMB market. The new feature in this edition is the release of WordPerfect√Ü Mail: which claims uses industry-leading speed to locate the e-mail and information you need faster than […]

HP Survey Confirms: Growing Business WANT Technology

HP released a survey yesterday showing trends in the SMB sector. The survey, for the most part, didn’t show anything new, but was a confirmation of what many of us know already. SMB’s WANT and know they need, technology solutions. The NY Times covered this story here Caption from the NY Times reads: Richard Burke, […]

Wireless Access Without WiFi

WiFi is just great – when you can get it. While roaming the streets of New York or some other metropolitan area you might need to get online but do not have wireless internet access via WiFi and most likely not dial up (when’s the last time you saw a spare phone line available for […]

Microsoft Front Page To Include Blogging Tools

Yesterday in the Blog Herald there was an excellent article about why Microsoft would crush SixApart, creators of TypePad (I love this blogging tool) and MovableType. Today the Blog Herald writes Microsoft is currently developing blogging-related tools to be included in the next version of MS Frontpage Blogging is definitely here to stay, I just […]

Verizon: Launching New ‘Net Based Service

What a party it is in the telecommunications market with so many vendors competing to offer low cost and feature rich telecommunication services! While Vonage and other newer carriers have garnered a lot of the “hype” and “buzz” appeal, traditional telecom carriers like Verizon (aka Microsoft and Netscape) have little to fear if they continue […]