Blast Away Your PC Annoyances With “PC Annoyances, Second Edition”

“I’ve spent nearly 20 years in front of a computer, and I still fume at some of the really dumb things programs do to us–and our PCs,” says “PC World” expert Steve Bass. “And from the email I receive, I know I’m not alone in feeling ticked off, annoyed, and aggrieved.”

Bass feels the pain of the billions of users who get totally aggravated with their PCs (and the same billions who email him with their annoyances) and he’s here to cure it with his revised and expanded “PC Annoyances, Second Edition” (O’Reilly, US $19.95).
For every user who has ever felt even a twinge of animosity toward his or
her PC, Bass’s book affirms the frustration (as any good friend would) and
then alleviates it (as any solid resource should). “Many people are now
realizing that they’ve been putting up with programs that have downright
annoying features and yes, bugs,” says Bass. “It’s high time they learned
they aren’t alone, it’s not their fault, and, most important, there are
solutions and workarounds.”
Cranky enough to commiserate–Bass isn’t afraid to name products and point
fingers–but solution-packed enough to dramatically lower user aggravation
level and raise productivity, this edition delivers more than 150 new tips
and features more than 150 free utility downloads to put readers on the
path to PC contentment.
Unlike some computing books, “PC Annoyances” isn’t meant to be “read,”
warns Bass. “This is a grazing book. My tips and tricks are served up in
bite-sized portions for quick consumption and easy implementation. And
don’t expect the annoyances (or fixes) to be esoteric or even technical.
They’re common annoyances most people have encountered–but haven’t been
able to fix.”
The highly entertaining and enlightening “PC Annoyances, Second Edition”
includes organized, easily digestible chapters devoted to:
-Email–covering Outlook and Outlook Express, Eudora, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail,
and more
-Windows–with plenty of Service Pack 2 annoyances
-The Internet–including Internet Explorer and Netscape
-Microsoft Office–with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint annoyances
-Windows Explorer
-Music, video, and CDs
Quick, simple-to-implement solutions to real-world PC gripes and
gremlins–from the pesky to the downright rage-inducing–help readers zap
spam; keep their WiFi networks humming and secure; enjoy iTunes and the
iPod as much as any Mac user might; get the goods on Gmail; tame their
notebooks; stop cable clutter; and much, much more.