Blogs: Business Week (C+) | CIO Insight Mag (A+)

My fellow writers in the blog-universe are happy that Business Week has blogging as its cover story and in fact is launching a new blog about blogging Blogspotting.
There’s one thing that the Business Week article missed, which CIO Insight (not online yet) got right.
While Business Week chose to cover the business of blogging – tools, blogging marketplace, famous bloggers and etc, CIO Insight wrote an article for BUSINESS OWNERS about how they can use blogs in their business. Unfortunately the CIO Insight articles is not up yet, but I suppose it will be live in a few days (it’s now in print only).
The CIO Insight article includes a VERY nice sidebar “rules for the unruly” giving practical tips for businesses wanting to create blogs. BW does include a sidebar of tips, but it’s online only.