Blogs: Ignore The Media And Create a Blog

A headline of one of the New York Times stories today was, “Blogs Incensed Over Pulitzer Photo Award”. When reading headlines like this, I am amazed that journalists cloud the issue about what blogging is and often times simply don’t get it.
Blogging is NOT a group of people, nor a religion, nore a race. A blog is a technology tool. A blog is a simple way to post content online in a journal/diary like format. Tools like and help users do this on their own and for free or at least real cheap. A blogger is one who creates a blog.
If you look at the main stream media, you’ll think a blog is some fad, some “cool toy of the month”. But it’s not. It’s a tool you should embrace for your business as a way to easily communicate online. Check out Rick E. Bruner’s Business Blog Consulting and How To Blog for Fun and Profit

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