Book Review: Getting Started with SharePoint Collaboration Services

There’s nothing like teamwork for making progress on a project, but sharing information and building on each other’s successes can be challenging when your team is scattered across the miles. Windows SharePoint Services and other collaboration tools helps to close the distance. With SharePoint, groups can quickly create team sites and workspaces specifically for collaboration–sites where individuals can capture and share ideas, and work together on documents, tasks, contacts, and events. It’s the next best thing to being in one room together.
SharePoint Services is available on any server that runs Windows Server
2003. It integrates with Microsoft Office 2003 Professional so the team
sites and workspaces are natural extensions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint. Unfortunately, much of the documentation for SharePoint is
written to help system administrators get it up and running, which often
leaves end users in the dark. The “SharePoint User’s Guide” (O’Reilly, US
$14.95) by Infusion Development Corporation takes another approach; this
compact, easy-to-read guide shows users what they need to know to get the
most from SharePoint.
“SharePoint User’s Guide” provides step-by-step instructions on how to
perform the most common tasks that users encounter, including:
-Working with SharePoint team sites, document workspaces, and meeting
workspaces, including management of user access and version control of
shared documents
-Creating and customizing SharePoint sites with predefined templates and
Web Parts
-Personalizing a SharePoint site with layout modifications, themes, and
-Unleashing the collaborative power of Office 2003 Professional
-Authenticating users and securing access to your SharePoint sites with
permissions and roles
-Deploying Windows SharePoint Services and understanding the relationship
between Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003
The “SharePoint User’s Guide” is designed to help readers find answers
quickly, explaining key concepts and major points in straightforward
language. With SharePoint, any team or organization can overcome
geographic or time-zone challenges, and the “SharePoint User’s Guide” will
show them how.