Boost Your WiFI Speed and Reach

Mimo (pronounced My-moh) which stands for multiple input, multiple output is an emerging wireless technology that boosts the speed and range of your WiFi connection. Mimo works and works well but don’t rush to change your hardware just wait – it’s a standard in the making.
According to Network World MIMO doubles the spectral efficiency compared with that of current WLANs. The maximum data rate for 802.11g and 802.11a networks is 54M bit/sec, though actual throughput is closer to 20M to 30M bit/sec. Current MIMO techniques can boost raw WLAN throughput to 108M bit/sec, supporters say.
USA Today’s Edward Baig writes With my previous Microsoft router, I had experienced spotty Wi-Fi coverage in one upstairs bedroom and a dead spot in another. Subbing the Linksys router, I got a sturdy signal throughout the house, even when using the integrated Wi-Fi radio inside my IBM ThinkPad rather than the Linksys laptop card. I didn’t notice a terrific increase in speed when I inserted the card.
With the Linksys card inside the ThinkPad, I headed to my backyard and a detached garage where I could not previously get a signal. Mimo delivered. I maintained a strong connection across the street and down the block. I walked past four houses before the signal weakened, roughly half a football field from my home.
My testing also took me to LaGuardia and Newark, N.J., airports. In the terminals, I got strong signals when I used just the internal Wi-Fi radio in the ThinkPad, as well as when I relied on the Linksys card. The power of that card and Mimo became evident only at Newark when I sat near a parking garage entrance. The signal strength using the Linksys laptop card was “very good” compared with “low” when I used the ThinkPad’s internal Wi-Fi.