The Challenge For “NON-Microsoft” Web Browsers

It’s easy for developers to add all sorts of fancy bells and whistles to web browsers that compete with Internet Explorer such as FireFox or Opera.
However, if when you go to a web site, using a non Microsoft web browser and it does not display the page correctly – it does you no good.
Overall, Opera has many more features than Microsoft Explorer and more than FireFox. What to do? Use two browsers. I keep MS IE for when I “must use it” and I use FireFox for everything else.
The Associated Press writes Opera’s new Web browser responds to commands you speak into a microphone. It rearranges pages to fit narrower windows. It adds a security bar to help reduce the risk of fraud. All impressive features.
But when it comes to the basics, too many Web sites simply don’t work as well with Opera when compared with rival browsers from Microsoft Corp. and the Mozilla Foundation.