Challenging QuickBooks and Money For The Wrong Reasons

Intuit Quickbooks and Microsoft Money own the largest share of financial software, with Intuit having the biggest chunk.
I’ve used Quicken/Quickbooks for years and think its simple and easy to use. However there are alternative products on the market, which the Washington Post reviews, and writes Among the others, MechCAD Software’s AceMoney ($30,, started off strong in a test but quickly faded.
About another product, the Post writes Reilly Technologies’ Moneydance 2005 ($30, is a much more solid contender. This program manages to replicate much of Quicken’s functionality — but in some cases a bit more elegantly.
If you are looking for financial software for your business, I’d go with Intuit Quickbooks, but if you choose not to, there’s other products on the market as well.