Cnet Editor Blasts Tech Vendor Embargos

CNet’s Senior Editor, Molly Wood blasts tech vendors for holding on to the “old” strategy of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). In the past, but increasingly less, NDAs were used to ensure that news was announced on a particular day, to ensure the most media buzz and information release control.
However, Molly rightly advocates that in this day of alternative media outlets (be it traditional media companies, bloggers (RSS feeds included)) it is very hard for vendors to control news and leaks and they might be hurting themselves.
Molly writes There are no secrets in technology today. Thanks to rumor sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, and the army of sniffer sites they link to daily, nearly every big product release (along with some small ones) has been revealed, dissected, and evaluated long before it hits the shelves. Leaks, once the primary purview of political and business journalism, are the bread and butter of modern-day gadget hounds. And those leaks come from all over the place. One of the primary offenders, actually, is Amazon, whose recent revelations included complete specs on Apple’s updated G5 line a day before Apple’s own announcement. It’s also, over time, revealed details on various Windows releases, Mac OS X Tiger, the PalmOne Tungsten T5, the PSP, the Garmin iQue 3200, and Xbox 2 specifications, to name a few.
Molly finishes her piece by chastising journalists a bit about why they decide to honor the NDAs…