Cold Calling Customers Is For Idiots!
Use Technology To SMARTLY Communicate With Customers

Since I’m not in sales, I’m sure some of my sales friends will blast me. However, I don’t understand why people COLD call instead of ONLY making calls based on informed customer information. Why not call the 50 people you at least shook hands with and said hello to at last night’s business meeting. Why not call the 21 people you were referred to by 3 of your clients? That’s NOT cold calling.
Taking things a step further, as related to your ONLINE business, why not harness the power of your company’s multiple communication channels to SMARTLY communicate with customers?
InterSight Technologies has a solution that does away with guessing but makes each customer interaction a SMART interaction.
InterSight enabled the Detroit Pistons to increase sales on their web site. For example, with IST’s VitalChat, if a visitor had previously gone to the website for the Chicago Bulls, a sales agent from Palace Sports and Entertainment (owner of the Detroit Pistons) would have this information, engage in an online chat with the visitor and potentially ask if he or she would like to purchase tickets for an upcoming game between the Bulls and the Pistons.
Overall, this technology offers a win-win situation. Rather than just making cold calls, sales agents have information about previous site visitors, and they are able to improve customer relationships and sales. At the same time, customers are able to ask questions, get answers in real-time and make purchases quickly and securely online at any time.
With this kind of solution you are no longer COLD COMMUNICATING or GUESSING but smartly asking questions of your customers and prospects targeted to their VERY specific interests and desires.
Their is so much information you can glean from your customers if you harness technology to CAPTURE and RESPOND to it.
Understanding customer behavior, according to InterSight Technologies helps you:
* Improve the understanding of customers and their purchase intentions from individual behavior and attitude.
* Initiate real-time communication with customers, both reactively and proactively, when they want or need consultation.
* Improve website design to maximize purchases based on customer patterns of behavior and their attitude toward product, brand, and company.
* Generate incremental revenue from customer impulse purchases and increased overall purchase demand.
* Dynamic view of customer behavior and attitudes in a comprehensive web enabled reporting system.
* Develop more strategic and personalized marketing communications delivered at point of sale and through other direct marketing efforts.