Dear Small Business: Get In Yahoo Local For Free

Yahoo wants to beef up it’s local listing of small businesses and is going to put YOUR small business in there for FREE and give you a FREE 5 page web site. What more could you want?
Cnet writes The Internet company on Wednesday introduced a service that lets any small business sign up for a free Web page to appear in Yahoo’s local directory. The move will help otherwise unwired small businesses come online, said Paul Levine, Yahoo’s general manager of local services, as well as help consumers find more local information.
“Our hope is over time that certainly Yahoo will be top of mind as they think of promoting their site” or for other services, Levine said in an interview.

Local search is going to BOOM over the next few months as more and more people not only look for “research” oriented information online but also for local services for their businesses and homes. Plumbing, accounting, dry cleaning – anything. If you need to find it in your community, Yahoo, Google, MSN and other search engines want to help you find it.
For small businesses that rely on local traffic, being in these search engines will be more and more important.
Check out Yahoo’s free offer.