Desktop Linux Making Inroads on Campaign for Wider Retail Distribution

Linspire, Inc. today announced the availability of its new desktop Linux operating system, Linspire Five-0, at more than 1,000 major national retail stores. These include some of the world’s leading electronics retailers such as Best Buy (, CompUSA (, Fry’s Electronics (, Micro Center ( and J & R Computer World ( The newly released product features enhancements in every core application and claims to provide the most secure, reliable and easy-to-use desktop Linux experience available for consumers. For more information about where to purchase Linspire Five-0 and a complete list of retail locations selling Linspire, visit
Linspire’s press release reads – “The availability of Linspire in so many major retail outlets shows the public awareness and demand for Linux on the desktop,” said Michael Robertson, CEO of Linspire, Inc. “With Linspire Five-0, we’ve finally hit the quality threshold required for mainstream users. People will walk into their local CompUSA, Fry’s, Best Buy or Micro Center and see that for only about $60, they’ll be able to get the most complete, easy-to-use operating system they’ve ever experienced. Plus, their computer is going to be protected from viruses, spyware and all the security problems that plague other operating systems.”
National electronics and software retailers have been lining up to feature the Linspire boxed product in their stores, and customers will be able to purchase the boxed product in local locations of these retailers beginning this week. Linspire Five-0 is available at featured retailers in two boxed versions: the $59.95 Linspire Five-0 version including the complete operating system CDs and QuickStart guide; and the $99.95 Linspire Five-0 CNR Edition including CDs, QuickStart guide and a one-year subscription to the CNR Service. More information about where to purchase Linspire Five-0 is available at
Linspire Five-0 is a stable, secure Linux-based operating system that comes complete with major desktop applications, including (a Microsoft file-compatible office suite); Web browser, e-mail and instant messaging clients; multimedia viewers; photo and music managers; calendaring tools; and more. Access to additional software and applications is available through Linspire’s innovative CNR (“click and run”) Warehouse, a software library where users can download and install more than 2,000 Linux programs with just one mouse click. For more information about CNR, visit A complete list of Linspire Five-0 features is available at
“Our goal is to see Linux software, PCs and laptops prominently displayed in every major computer store,” Robertson said. “This week more than 1,000 stores, some of which are carrying desktop Linux for the first time, are now selling Linspire Five-0. This is an incredible endorsement for the maturation of desktop Linux.”