Destroying Your Hard Disk’s Data The Right Way

When it’s time to get rid of your hard disk, due to a hard disk upgrade or just getting an entirely new computer, it is VERY important to consider HOW it’s done.
Simply formatting your hard disk or erasing the files is not going to keep a determined data harvester from accessing the deleted information. Even if you buy data destruction software, if you don’t use it right it’s not going to completely destroy your information.
Cnet writes There are a number of options for cleansing the drives of unwanted computers, from special wiping software to destruction services to manufacturers’ recycling programs. But what many PC owners don’t realize, experts say, is that these methods are often not enough.
“For people who want to sell or donate a computer, who are trying to protect their checkbook or medical info, you can expect to protect yourself against all but the most sophisticated attacks with wiping,” said Stephen Lawton, the director of marketing at Acronis, a maker of wiping tools, backup and recovery software. “But you have to use the software the right way.”