Do You Know Where Your Vehicle Fleet Is?

Smaller companies can get that “Fedex” like tracking with Verizon’s new fleet management service for only $50 per month and device cost from $550 – $600.
The Fleet Administrator(SM) solution provides small to medium businesses with vital vehicle location information needed to improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow their business through better utilization of their mobile resources. Fleet Administrator is provided through installation of a wireless device in the fleet vehicle or vehicles and a software application that is installed on the office computer.
Which trucking business would you want to be give your business to? One whose drivers bring you crumpled carbon copies and can only tell you within a few hours when your package will arrive. Or rather one who has UPS like digital notepads and can track your package down to the minute?
NEVER install technology for the sake of technology but DO use technology as a STRATEGIC tool, as an ASSET to grow your business and WOW your customers.
Developed by Navman Wireless, the Fleet Administrator solution from Verizon Wireless requires no customization or integration and provides everything needed to get up and running including in-vehicle device installation, software application, customer training, and complete technical support. Fleet managers can use the solution to map vehicle locations, analyze a vehicle’s activity including stops, mileage and idleness, define a driver’s territory, create reports and more.
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