Document Manager Is Snoozing in the Corner

Your relationship with your trusty document provider — your copier — has become a bit predictable. First it was the copies, then it was the prints. How may it be more productive?
Today, your digital copier can be your document manager and truly help usher in the era of the paperless office, says Tim Nissen, Marketing Director of DocuLex, a Florida-based, software company specializing in document management programs.
“The ease of electronic document management today is amazing,” he says. “Now administrative staff can easily operate our scanning and search and retrieval programs instead of dedicated IT professionals having to include this activity in their growing roster of responsibilities.”
Much has transpired over the last several years in the realm of copier technology and software. Work that was previously done by high-speed, standalone production scanners is now standard on many copiers. Document capture software now provides a low-cost method of electronic document conversion and convenient search & retrieval capability from desktop and laptop PCs.
Virtually all digital-copier manufacturers today offer models known as multifunctional products (or MFPs), units operating as copiers, printers and scanners. This trend began in the late 1990s as copier brands searched for ways to differentiate their products.
“People now have the capability to manage their documents securely, easily and inexpensively from their office,” says Nissen. “The budget is offset substantially by reducing the growing costs associated with large-volume paper file storage, staff time for information retrieval duties, and researching and recreating lost paper documents.”
According to Ernst & Young, electronic document management can:
* Triple document processing capacity
* Reduce staff time/resources by 50%
* Provide immediate access to decision-critical data
* Reduce document storage space by 80%
* Provide fail-safe, secure document management
The key components are one or many digital copiers connected to your network, reliable capture and indexing software that operates from a PC connected to the network, plus electronic document storage capacity with access to the network. This, coupled with browser-based retrieval software running from a web server, will complete a total document capture, indexing, retrieval and printing solution.
Source: DocuLex, Inc.