Flirting With Disaster? Don’t. Be Prepared

Disaster recovery is a topic that so many businesses here about, I fear many turn a deaf ear and think they are quite fine.
Maybe they feel that since they’ve installed a backup program – that’s all there is to do. While backup is a good start, there’s so much more that needs to be done to make it a complete DISASTER RECOVERY plan.
eWeek has put together a VERY good package on this subject and covers:
? Tech Analysis: Are You Prepared for Disaster?
? Companies Do More with Disaster Recovery Technology
? Affordable Disaster Recovery for SMBs Within Reach
? APC’s Mobile Data Center Keeps on Trucking
Make sure you read the special eWeek section on affordable backup solutions geared toward smaller businesses.
By accident I also stumbled across eWeek’s ‘focus on SMB’ section – quite useful and information rich.