For the Digital “Librarian” In You – Organize Web Information

If you are one of those (like me) who are increasingly clipping things from the web and are looking for a way to a) manage the clips and b) know where the original location was, you’ve got to check out
Surfulater, is made by software developer Soft As It Gets, located in Melbourne, Australia, and is specifically aimed at keeping important knowledge at the ready. Information you collect while surfing is stored in one place, Surfulater, for quick and easy access later – whenever you want or need it. And most importantly you don’t have to worry about the source of the information disappearing when Web sites close down.
Who should use it:
* Anyone who surfs the internet and wants to retain the knowledge they’ve discovered while surfing.
* Anyone who is concerned about Web sites disappearing and no longer being able to get at the information they contained.
* Anyone who finds “Internet Favorites” totally inadequate for their reference needs.
* Anyone who gets frustrated not being able to recall where some important information was located on the “world wide web”.
You know what impressed me most about Surfulater? They list other competing products and ask for input!! Absolutely impressive!