GoDaddy: We Won’t Go Offshore
Using Customer Support As a Competitive Advantage

Domain Name and Internet services mega-provider, GoDaddy has opened it’s third customer support call center and REFUSES to go offshore like many other companies are doing.
Asked at the call center’s Grand Opening ceremony about his refusal to “offshore,” Bob Parsons, president and founder of Go Daddy, replied, “We simply are not interested in moving our call centers (or any aspect of our operations) offshore. Providing the absolute best customer service has always been a hallmark of our value proposition, and distinguishes us from the competition. We will not sacrifice quality just because it might save a few dollars.” “In fact,” Parsons observed, “our call center operation is highly profitable, and we would lose money if we opted to offshore.”
It is refreshing to hear a company see the value of providing customer support to customers by employees of that company who have a personal and financial stake in the well being of that company’s customers.
Sure, when you call Palm (or some other companies) support and speak with an Indian or Philippine based support rep they are PAID to help you as best you can. But there’s NOTHING like calling a US based direct employee of your tech vendor.
Bob – you’re right and thanks for being close to your customers.
As technology become much more of a commodity it is SO IMPORTANT to use customer services, like web host Rackspace does, as a differentiator.