Google: Making Storage A Commodity. Why It Will Win. Just Like Dell

There’s one thing that Google is CLEARLY making a commodity and just like Dell if it can take this commodity, drive down costs and make a GREAT product and EXECUTE better than its competition, Google will “win”.
The commodity is storage. With Gmail, Google’s giving away 2GB of email storage. My friends that is a LOT of storage space and blows away what Earthlink and AOL are selling for $20 or so per month!
Just recently Google announced that it is lowering the cost and raising the search limitation of it’s mini search appliance.
Dell. Everyone/business wants/needs computers and there’s many vendors that have a lot of money, like Gateway, HP, IBM and other smaller vendors that are selling them.
What has Dell done? Continues to drive the cost down, down, down.
It’s way to early to tell if Google will fall like a star and burn like a comet or rise like a rocket and burn like a furnace.
But so far, Google’s got it right.
Another VERY important thing: for the most part Google’s products have GREAT interfaces. Gmail is so cool. I mean from simple things like hitting the refresh button – it’s split second fast, no waiting for the web page to reload. Google has had problems with their blog service, which I use, but it’s minor and can be fixed.
I’m completely Google-ized (Google powers my email, serves my ads, publishes my content…what more could I want? Host my web site…?.
Hmmm…hosting my web site. I now use and they do a GREAT job. WONDERFUL support and great prices.