An intellectual Discussion of Spam’s Death

USA Today’s Andrew Kantor gives us an overview of why spam could, in time, kill itself by putting itself out of business.
He writes But spam has a weak spot of sorts. Unlike viruses, which are written out of sheer malice, spam exists because there is profit in it. As the profit goes away, so will the spam.Spam exists because it makes someone money, directly or indirectly. The long-term benefit of better spam filters won’t be simply keeping spam out of our inboxes, but in rendering the entire spam business model unsustainable.
Solutions that have been proposed to stop spam include attaching a cost to e-mail ? a tenth of a cent would make it too costly for spammers ? or requiring a sending computer to perform some sort of calculation to get a message through.
I say neither is necessary. Spam will die out all by itself.