The IT Generalist Makes A Comeback

There’s three kinds of IT people. 1) Those who know one thing well (xml, security, etc) but aren’t much use for anything else. 2) Those who only are “project managers” and have very little, real world, IT experience. 3) Then you have the IT generalists.
The first type are useful as you want specialists, when needed, to ensure things are done 110% right. The second person, no small business person needs – big businesses hire them. What you want in your business is an IT generalist.
You want someone with a wide range of knowledge, experience and a bucket of solutions they can implement in your business.
InfoWorld writes Today?s IT generalist is the kind of person you?ll find running the technical side of a small business?s operations — a CTO, CIO, and datacenter manager rolled into one. If you ask the generalist why everyone?s computers are getting slower, he?s not going to call in consultants or write 2,000 lines of C code. He?ll have a handful of possibilities in mind, and in a day or two, he?ll find the culprit and formulate potential solutions. If you don?t like those particular options, rather than pout, he?ll recommend a stopgap while alternatives are being considered.
Do you have in IT generalist in your business? If not, find one and treat them VERY well