Microsoft’s Deal For Office Purchasers Is Very Good

Microsoft has a web site that offers notices of various “sales” on Microsoft products at here.
A sale running now, which was sent to me by Microsoft as part of my responsibilities as the chairperson for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce technology committee, is to give businesses a $50 or $100 rebate on each license of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 they purchase. This rebate can be used towards hiring a Microsoft partner.
There is a “catch” to the deal:
Your business must be part of one of Microsoft’s two licensing programs – Open Business or Open License Value. If you get back $50 or $100 per Microsoft Office license depends on which license program you are part of.
This kind of deal helps in two ways: Small businesses can add value to their Office purchases by getting help for their business from a technology professional. Microsoft subsidizes the work of its partners and helps them generate more business.