Networking Your Home For Business and Pleasure

I’ve got an digital projector, DVD/VCR and movies on a hard disk at home. Recently I’ve loaded thousands of MP3 songs to my notebook and might get another mini-PC just to hold the MP3 and pipe them through my house. With three computers (2 needing internet access) and more technology, I’m one of those needing a home based networking solution to bring everything together.
With older technologies it might be hard to network the components of your home, however, with newer technology and built in networking the process is getting easier.
The NY Time writes Consumer technology seers say they think they have a good idea about the home of the future. It will be a place where photos, television shows, movies and music will be stored centrally and available in any room on demand.
It is called the connected home, where television sets, digital video recorders, DVD and music players and computers are all tied together. But an important question must be answered before the connected home becomes a reality: how will everything actually be connected?
A number of electronics companies and industry groups are working to answer that question, developing standards for connecting home entertainment devices.

However you decide to network your home you have plenty of choices and might even have to mix a few. Wireless (which standard), via the phone line, traditional Ethernet or networking via your electrical circuit?