Not Blogs. Not RSS. Newsletters Remain The Killer App

I know that my comments will rain on the gleeful parade of blog totting, RSS blasting writers. However, while RSS and Blogs are VERY good, they should not be done at the expense of traditional newsletters, but should compliment newsletters.
Towards the end of March, I was away in Mexico for a week and did not publish my weekly Small Business Technology Report for about a month. Traffic, revenue, everything suffered. The day I published, after a month away, traffic shot up, revenue shot up, email shot up, and etc.
Anticipated newsletters are the BEST way to get information to your audience. Sure spam will be a problem, but my point is that a good email newsletter is still a more effective tool than a blog or RSS feed alone.
Blogs and RSS are catching on, but it’s still at the “hype” level and middle America are not blog or RSS readers. Hi-tech folk are getting into this in huge numbers, but not your average growing business customer.
I use Constant Contact to manage my newsletters.